The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also called the Data Protection Regulation and applies to all EU countries.

In each EU member state there is a supervisory authority that will check compliance. In Sweden Datainspektionen that are supervisory authority.

Glykol AB and personal data
Personal data refers to all types of information that may be directly or indirectly connected to a person in life. Glykol AB is responsible for the information that our customers and users of the services submit via our web interfaces. Glykol AB always processes personal data with great respect for personal integrity. The data collected about users of the systems is first name, last name, email. These can then be linked to the user’s user profile. Therefore, username and password are also considered personal data. This applies to all user groups in our services. We do not design for use of any sensitive personal data. We do not design for handling any information about children.

Glykol AB is an SaaS provider
Glykol AB is a SaaS provider (Software as a Service) operating within the European Union and will need to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Directive (GDPR)
As a SaaS provider, our primary responsibility is technology- and information security. It is also a major responsibility to design and develop all our services based on the principle of ”privacy by design”. The personally responsible person, is the Data processor and has ultimate responsibility for the technology- and information security

Our customer are responsible for collected data. 

The responsible person, Data controller at our customer has the responsibility for the treatment and determines the purpose and means. The person responsible for personal data shall ensure compliance with the law.
All processing of personal data in Glykol AB’s services is you as our customer responsibility for. Glykol AB is Data processor and takes technical and organizational security measures to ensure that your collected personal data is processed safely and in accordance with the law.

Glykol AB is data controller for information about our customer
We collect information about you as a customer when we enter into an agreement. This information is used to bill you. The data is not used for any other purpose. For this reason, we also have a data controller.
We also have an Privacy Policy, where we declare our attitude to transparency.

Legal basis for data in Glykol AB’s services
What legal grounds exist for the processing of personal data in Glykol AB services, you must assess and document as a personal data controller. The services are built to give users a benefits and that is the legal basis the concept rests against. We need to comply with our contractual obligations to our customers. But it is you are, as a customer and data controller, who needs to assess this and document. We are helpful in every way we can.

Data Protection Officer at Glykol AB is Martin Lindqvist
Personal data assistant at Glykol AB is Peder Söderlind
Privacy Manager at Glykol AB is Peder Söderlind

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