Privacy and security

Glykol AB is a SaaS provider (Software as a Service) operating within the European Union and will need to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Directive (GDPR). As a SaaS provider, our primary responsibility is technology- and information security. It is also a major responsibility to design and develop all our services based on the principle of "privacy by design".

Glykol AB protects your privacy and security. GDPR, the new Personal Data Processing Act, places greater demands on transparency and therefore this page is for you to know what we do in the processing of personal data. There are a number of areas that together give you the whole idea of how we look at integrity and security.

We have chosen to compile information about the law and what it means and where to find more information to better understand how this affects you. There are a number of terms that may be good to keep track of and even what the basic principles of GDPR mean.
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We are constantly working to improve and adapt to the environment’s requirements. Glykol AB is responsible for the technical and organizational security measures in the processing of personal data in the role of Data Protection Officer, Personal data assistant.
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Incident management
We have an incident management process. Above all, it is the requirement to report an incident within 72 hours, which makes it important for routines to detect, report and investigate if an incident occurs.
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Privacy Policy
In our Privacy Policy, we want to clarify the responsibility for protecting your rights and privacy and explaining how we use the personal information you share with us.
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Use of Cookies
We use cookies to enhance your internet experience. What a cookie is and how we use it is described to help you understand what you agree with when you do one of our services.
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