We are constantly working to improve and adapt to the environment's requirements. Glykol AB is responsible for the technical and organizational security measures in the processing of personal data in the role of Data Protection Officer, Personal data assistant.

Our personal data are stored with the cloud computing service provider Binero Group AB which is GDPR compliant. The owner of the servers are Binero Group AB and the data is stored in Sweden (Europe), in the cities of Stockholm and Kramfors.  Binero Group AB is certified both according to the quality standard ISO 9001, and the information security standard ISO 27001 and meets the tough requirements on routines, processes and various systems contained in these.

The servers are continually monitored with IPS’ and updated as soon as security related updates arrive. They are also behind advanced firewalls which automatically detect and block most attempts at intrusion. The servers hosting customer data are not, by themselves, available from outside our own networks but the internet facing ones can poll for specific datasets within acceptable parameters.

Glykol AB is responsible for operation and 24-hour availability of the service. Access is by password login. The services are hosted by third parties which guarantee a 99.9% availability based on a period of six months (7 days / week / 24 <hours / day). The information is copied to separate server (backup). One (1) backup per day for the last 7 days. One (1) backup per week for last 4 weeks (Sunday backup). Backups are sent via encrypted connection to backup servers (rsync over ssh).